“In an age where many feel that we have lost our identity and even some who say that they no longer dream of better tomorrows, Rev. Reginald Walton daringly ventures into the world of dreams deferred, delayed, detoured, and seemingly destroyed to encourage his readers to continue to dream and expect dreams to become realities.”

Rev. Cassandry Redmond Keys, Presiding Elder Winston Salem-Greenville District, Carolina Region, 7th District CME Church


" 'Dare to Dream' is an inspirational book in which Rev. Walton challenges his readers not to stop dreaming or give up on their dream but to stay the course even when life does not align itself with the plan of one's dream. The book is based on the story of Joseph found in Genesis, chapters 37 - 50 in the Bible. Joseph is lifted up as an example of perseverance for dreamers, for he did not allow what he went through to cause him to give up on
his dreams." 

Bishop Bobby R. Best, 61st Bishop of the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church

Presiding Prelate of the 9th Episocipal District